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Insights weekly essay challenge week 52 keep your friends

Insights weekly essay challenge week 52 keep your friends
Insights weekly essay challenge week 52. Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words keep your friends.

I was further advised that certain participants especially well documented as extrovert in manner and social exchange, would be called upon to serve as co-hosts in producing a relaxed atmosphere for all of these strangers to get to know one another. These have long been in accord with us on inner levels and have spent much time in coordinating necessary discussions relating to their missions while out of body in their night visits with our councils. The ultimate goal is nuclear war and destruction of the present prevailing economic system. They must suffer more experiences until they surrender to the loving father who can cleanse their pain, dry their tears, and purify their hearts. Thus, keeping friends close ultimately allow one to develop a better relationship with them.

The ranks of the officers will be revealed, specific missions will be assigned as this last phase of the transition period will be underway and soon to be completed. These two sites should be able to provide supporting fire for each other. India it gives your inclination to either side i respect your thinking but it should be avoided. Knowing the weakness is the biggest strength you can learn from your enemy. These space-based views of ground deformation across these volcanic areas agree well with ground-based measurements but extend across a wider area and are accurate to a sub-centimetre scale.

When they have been raised in your midst, listen to these voices! These are the chosen and elect leaders, placed upon the planet by orders of the spiritual hierarchy and through collaboration of our beloved brothers from other dimensions and other worlds. He is quoted here verbatim much of the domes and dome cities people are visually seeing exist on uranus. A great manifestation of devotion will sweep across the planet as souls become aware of the actual possibilities that hover in the near future. A new shopkeeper in the colony with more sales than the old shopkeepers becomes enemy to the old shopkeepers. People in california are still nervous about this shelf of land that hangs over the ocean and some people say that submarines actually go under this shelf to hid themselves. Edgar cayce made pronouncements centered on coming earth events, reversal of the poles, and great shifting of land masses. The release of energy from nuclear power plants will be one of our biggest concerns. Even in these messages, designed to warn you of the coming evacuation and what to expect concerning it, i nevertheless plead with humanity, and i say this can yet be avoided if man will change and turn his eyes toward god. Every chosen disciple and initiate participating in this great rescue program must now consciously imbibe details, directions, and specifics through the human consciousness. Our work will soon be concluded and these seven councils with our earth leaders can begin.

Is earth going to be evacuated - great dreams
Is earth going to be evacuated at some point? 2012? Dresden codex flood. From right to left what it shows are the last 2 katuns in the final baktun.

,mn 0 01 051 1 10 100 10th 11 11d0003 12 13 14 141a 143b 15 16 17 17igp 18 19 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915.

These are also people whom youll need in order to get your own personal and organizational objectives met. Do correct me if i wrong- i am really poor in international relations. The opposition parties checks the misuse of power by the party in government. The missile automatically lowered to its stowed position in its launcher, missile 2 was alerted from back-up status to launch ready status, missile 3 was alerted to backup status from standby. The path that he took in the start is now left.

With good intentions they gave me advice to use some manipulation in order to get the target. We are gathered in the great hall, centrally located within and beneath our communications center. Imodium for emergency treatment of diarrhea (packets of salts are even better. If you are a disciple initiate of the higher revelation, you will discern and perceive the purpose of this message from other dimensions of being. But the legions of light place implants within humanity without their knowledge or consent, for this would violate universal law.

Only thing i didnt like was the start of your essay (ist para in particular). Basically they are just someone who sticks with you, and cares for you. The input of direct energies from many sources, now whirling in clockwise fashion around the globe, has been set into motion to offset a multitude of inner earth actions now racing toward chaos on the outer crust of the sphere. Almost a year before, i had been informed that at the commander briefings we would return with something to wear and something to carry. Our many preparations have taken much time, and details have been going on at a feverish pace. Los angeles to san diego, and as far east as las vegas, 230 miles away. Writing in point format is okay, unless you do not overdo it. The worlds oldest volcano observatory has added satellites to its repertoire of instruments to monitor volcanic features flanking naples. I did not attempt this weeks essay or any other thing to ask for review. If the countries following both these ideologies have engaged then we would have enjoyed the benefits of democracy and socialism, this could be attributed to the success of china.

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