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Sparklife - the spark

Sparklife - the spark
Dear auntie, i dont know who else to get advice from, so i saw this section on sparknotes and thought i might give it a try. Ever since i was young i have known that.

Seeing everyone (including my director and his wife) hugging and hearing all of the fascinating life stories and laughter was yet another dream come true. Thanks again! I met my husband 22 years ago at band camp. We justhad fun together, ya know? In silly, legal ways. Theyre a crazy marchingdancing bunch that the community rallied behind because they were unorthodox in their performance. If i hear the sound of some marches from afar or in a parade? The hairs go up on my arms, and theres an instinct to march in time.

As a former band geek, and mom to 3 bandos as we call them now, you are spot on! My sons have graduated and gone on to college but there band friends are near and dear to their hearts! The only real friends from hs that i still keep in contact with are my band buddies! This made my day! Bandos rule!and we do go great paces. I too was a four year band geek that went on being a band geek in college and majoring in music education. Cant say that i agree with the uniforms look bad bit. It was a great and most memorable time of me and my kids lifes. The marching band director will push your child to excellence in a way that settles for nothing less, but somehow hell do it in a way that your kid will.

Made that first day as a freshman in a brand new town so much easier! Oh no, thats unfortunate. Joining marching band was the best decision ive ever made (and i came so close to not joining im so grateful i did). Theyre immature and obnoxious, and our director has so much trouble getting them to just shut up. Its a safe place, and i dont know about are well-documented. Yes its hot and gross but the trips, the friends, and playing some fun music make it totally worth it. He also played in a summer marching band that exposed us all to drum corps. He informally became like a guidance counselor to any and all of us who needed his help or advice. I came across this post via a link on tumblr (posted by a marching band blog), and since ive taken the time to read it, i figured id respond. He knew he was going to loose inches practicing in the heat. Well know better in about a year when she gets to the age when they offer music instruction.

Why we say no to homework -
2012 i care about my kids learning. Thats why i say tree forts win over homework.

2013 we list the reasons why we think every teen should join a school marching band. Hints great way to find a great tribe, stay busy, and have a boatload of fun.

Good luck! Remember that universities with football teams have marching bands. Marching band has taught me not to settle for good, but to strive for that superior. Theres no nudge-nudge-wink-wink or i didnt see that in band culture the way there is in some team sports. We justhad fun together, ya know? In silly, legal ways. Our director was a raving lunatic and complete jerk, yet i loved it anyway because all of my best friends were in band.

My older daughter did band, but didnt march drum corps, though she loves to go to shows. The band kids all had advanced college degrees and normal family lives. Plus, as i mention to my students and parents its putting a value on a quality work ethic something that is missing from much of the world now where we google, text, facebook and twitter through our daily lives for information. We have moved 9 times, and ive been in 7 community bands (founding member of 3) plus church groups and pit orchestras. We love band! It was a terrific experience for us! Thank you for a parental insight.

I mean, yes, it dorky kids in terrible uniforms, but it is also so much more than that, and its. But if he hadnt shook everything up, id never have met my amazing husband. I wasnt at all prepared for my kid being in marching band. Our band had a cheer that went kill, kill, blood makes the grass growhemoglobin,hemoglobin, we want blood. My newly discovered confidence and drive strengthened so much over time that by the time that i graduated from rutgers, it was with honors in a double major! Now i have 2 wonderful sweet, smart kids. It pays long-term dividends! My heart has exploded with love over this post. I have two children that are involved in marching band programs. I spent lots of time on football fields as a marching band member in high school and college, as well as some time in a drum and bugle corps. Ive worked at a few schools that had academically challenged kids. It is far too important! It is much more important than many people who have never experienced this will ever know or can even comprehend.